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It is known that people could reach the Didyma Apollon Temple, one of the largest temples in the Hellenic-Roman world, by walking from the bay where the Panormos Harbor is located, by sea.

Reaching the temple from Panormos Port; Surrounded by sphinx, lion and sitting priest statues, this road is called the "Holy Way". The sacred road coming from Miletos Antique City, after Panormos, the port of Didyma, proceeds in the southeast direction for 3.5 km and ends at the entrance of the Temple of Apollo. The total length of the stone-paved road is approximately 17 km. Before coming to Didyma, there are two structures defined as "Anta Building" and "East Building" in a temenos located right next to the sacred road. On the sacred road, it belongs to the 6th century BC; sitting statues were found.

Thousands of years ago, on the Sacred Way, which connected the Ancient City of Miletos and the Temple of Apollo, a walk is organized with the participation of nature and enthusiasts from the surrounding provinces on the Sunday of the tourism week every year. Starting from Akköy, where the most beautiful examples of civil architecture of our country are located, the 13 km part of the Sacred Road to the Temple of Apollo is covered by hundreds of participants.

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