Sibling Cities - Didim Portal

Didim Municipality develops “Sister City Relations” with the aim of developing cooperation with local administrations operating at home and abroad in the fields of social-cultural and economy and sharing knowledge and experience on local administration practices.

Sister Cities of Didim Municipality Abroad

· LAUBACH Municipality of Germany (B.M.K dated 08/08/1994 and number 84)

· Municipality of Leros (Leros) from Greece (Ministry Approval of the Ministry of National Affairs No. 05/11/2014 / 05/11/2014)

Sister Cities of Didim Municipality in Turkey

· Muş Province Kırköy Municipality (B.M.K. No. 118 dated 05/11/2014)

· Muş Province Bulanik District Sariginar Municipality (B.M.K dated 05/11/2014 and number 118)